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GFriend Member Taking a Break After Injury

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Umji of the girl group GFriend will temporarily take a break from performing due to a leg injury.

According to an official statement made on Wednesday by the singer’s agency, Source Music, “[The singer] recently received a checkup at the hospital after suffering from leg pain. She was diagnosed as having sprained a muscle in her thigh, where the pain was originating from.

We will closely work with her to ensure a full recovery as soon as possible with adequate rest and proper treatment. In the meantime, the group will continue to perform as scheduled with the remaining five members.

We apologize for troubling all of the fans of GFriend and Umji, and hope for their continued support in the future.”

The singer debuted as a member of the girl group with their first single “Glass Bead” in 2015. They achieved mainstream success with their 2016 single “Rough,” and maintained that momentum with their latest song “Navillera,” which was included as a part of their first full-length studio album “LOL,” released Sept. 11.

By Chung Jin-hong