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Food That Helps You Lose Weight

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belly-2473_960_720 (1)There is no magic remedy that will immediately help you lose weight. However, there are studies that suggest that there are food sources that encourage hormonal activity and regulate hunger by releasing certain types of neurotransmitters that help in losing weight and balancing a healthy body. 

  • 11712-close-up-of-a-woman-holding-a-red-apple-in-her-hand-pvApple = According to research, there are lot of water soluble dietary fiber and ursolic acid in apple. Ursolic acid is an anti-aging and anti-diabetic element; it burns off fat as well as expedite the muscle forming process. A study of The Journal of Appetite, women who ate 3 apples everyday lost 2 more pounds in 10 weeks compared to the ones who didn’t.
  • Bean = All types of beans are high in dietary fiber and protein. According to The Journal of Obesity, people who ate 5.5 ounce of beans experienced 31% more satiety than those who didn’t. Also, obese people who ate beans for 16 week lost 10 pounds and had a more balanced blood cholesterol level.
  • Egg = According to research, eggs that are full of protein help suppress ghrelin that stimulates hunger and increases the hormone that encourages fullness. Thus, there are studies that show that if you eat eggs in the morning, you will consume 438 less calories all day, helping in losing weight.
  • Brown rice = Brown rice decreases the cholesterol level and increases the HDL level which is beneficial to our body. Also, it cleans the digestive system and prevents and treats colorectal cancer, obesity, constipation, and hemorrhoids.
  • Mango = Not only is this fruit tasty, but it also is good for mango-390685_960_720losing weight. According to research, people who eat mango regularly are healthy and skinny. There are biological active substances such as mangiferin in mango which helps reduce abdominal fat and regulate blood sugar.
  • Pistachio = Although pistachio is high in calorie, containing 160~170 calories for 1 ounce, it helps in regulating fat. Nuts are known to be filling, and are good for losing weight. Also, the calories from nuts are not fully absorbed by the body and expedite metabolism.


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Translated by Sooahn Ko