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First Robot Barista in San Francisco Makes 120 Cups of Coffee In an Hour

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The first ‘robot barista’ was introduced.

While there is a dispute that robots will soon take away humans’ jobs in a rapid pace, the first robot barista that makes and serves coffee is attracting great attention.

The robot, named ‘Gordon’, has been set up at a mall in San Francisco like a vending machine, and it can make 120 cups of coffee in an hour.

Henry Hu, the CEO of ‘Cafe X Technology’ that has created Gordon introduced, “Often times people wait in a long line just for a cup of coffee. But Gordon makes coffee in a very short period of time.”

‘Cafe X’ makes 8 kinds of coffee including regular coffee and espresso in an 8 oz. cup. Customers can also order on the mobile app.


Original article available at http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4969293
by Choi In-sung

Translated by Audrey Joung