“Finding the Strengths in Child’s Brain”


“The revolution in education in the 21st century lies in the type of teaching that is based on children’s strengths in their brains. A human brain is more complex than the universe. It can change in any way possible depending on one’s will and environment.”

A special seminar for parents of young children will be held on Oct. 20 at Irvine EM Academy and again on Oct. 26 at the Torrance Score Academy.

“Parents and teachers should help children to find their brain sweet spots and offer the type of learning materials and pathways that are suited to their specific tendencies,” said Steven Choi, the co-founder of Major Fit, a firm specializing in helping children find their preferences.

Choi added: “Parents must identify their children’s tendencies to be able to help them maximize their dreams and talents. Just by identifying their brain tendencies, parents can trigger creative thinking in their children. If the parents or teachers identify the children’s tendencies properly, teaching becomes easier and the efficiency of the education will rise considerably.”

“Children’s brains are getting damaged by the uniform type of education that doesn’t help children to further develop themselves as they’re overloaded with stress due to excessive schoolwork,” Choi said.

Choi explained: “Simply making instructions, orders and feeding information that the current education model is based on cannot change children’s brains. A human brain has a tendency to develop when an initiative is taken, so proper coaching is needed for children to maximize that trait. Education is not about feeding information. It should be tailor-made for individuals.”

Children will not only feel less stressed about schoolwork but also show a higher level of performance if the education model is based on the tendencies of each student’s brain.

The MAT tendency test, developed by Major Fit, is a product made by experts who are deeply concerned about providing the right education. Through the MAT, parents and children can identify ▶style of awareness ▶style of creativity ▶style of leadership ▶style of building relationships ▶style of execution ▶style of physical movement to find out what kind of human tendencies each children possesses and what he or she can do to build better relationships. By using the test results, Major Fit also helps children and their parents develop a better lifestyle and learning environment.

Meanwhile, Major Fit is currently partnering with 20 after-school programs to offer its expertise.

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By Byung Chang