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[FanTalk] After U.S. tour, P1Harmony continues working to make fans smile

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Boy band P1Harmony sat down with the Korea JoongAng Daily to reflect on its U.S. tour and answer questions from its fans, P1ece, around the world. [LEE JI-MIN]
Boy band P1Harmony sat down with the Korea JoongAng Daily to reflect on its U.S. tour and answer questions from its fans, P1ece, around the world. [LEE JI-MIN]

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Boy band P1Harmony concluded its Seoul concert and tour of 12 American cities in February. After dropping its most recent EP “Harmony : Set in” last November, the group of six — Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob — is now preparing for its next release.

“We had a month stuffed full [of concerts],” said the band’s leader Keeho. “We’ve been touring the United States with all our might. It was fun, though I don’t even know what day it is today because of jet lag!”

The six members recently sat down with the Korea JoongAng Daily to reflect on their U.S. tour and answer questions and watch fan videos sent in from around the world from their fandom P1ece.


Q: Are there any memorable fan moments that surprised you or made you laugh? (submitted by @keehoshandholder)
A: Theo: Atlanta left the strongest memory. That day, the roar from the crowd was especially thunderous. It was so loud that we couldn’t even do the sound check. The crowd was so excited, and so were we. Some people in the audience even fainted! I saw four or five people faint during that concert alone.
Keeho: Atlanta left the strongest impression on me, too. It’s so interesting how in every city we visit, we see such a diverse crowd, in terms of age and whatnot, in the audience seats. Every city is different, and I feel something new in each one of them. I’m the type to go outside and walk around, exploring the city whenever I get free time.
Intak: I always say this, but the six of us are happiest when we’re together enjoying ourselves on stage. Our fans can see that too, and it excites them as well. Sharing our energy with the audience was the main thing we wanted to do during this tour.
P1Harmony concluded its Seoul concert and tour of 12 American cities in February. [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]
P1Harmony concluded its Seoul concert and tour of 12 American cities in February. [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

If you had to recommend one P1Harmony song to someone who has never listened to your songs before, what would it be? (submitted by @burnenmly)

Jiung: For me, it would be the lead track of our third EP, “Do It Like This” (2022). It’s one of our songs that best shows P1Harmony’s unique color. We can see ourselves enjoying performing this song, and it has fun points in the choreography. If you listen to it and especially watch our stage performance of the song, you’ll be able to really feel what P1Harmony is all about.

Soul: Jiung stole my answer, but I have another recommendation. It’s “Ayaya” (2021), a very upbeat number. When we perform it, it feels like playing with the audience and enjoying the moment.

Theo: But, our upcoming album contains each member’s unique voice so well. I can’t tell you the release dates, because I don’t know either!

Intak: P1Harmony so far has shown its colors and musical identity. Now I think it’s time to solidify that before the general public. We want to show our charms as well as new sides of us. Even within P1Harmony’s distinct music style, we can change things up in every release and demonstrate our range — hopefully in our next comeback too.

Which personality trait from another member would you like to have? (submitted by @ayayakeeho)

Jongseob: Keeho is so social and friendly toward people he’s just met. He has no problem striking up a conversation and keeping the talk going. I’m shy and awkward, so I want to learn from his personality.

Keeho: Thank you! I actually want to learn from Jongseob’s diligence. (the members laugh) No, I’m serious, listen to me! It’s because when Jongseob becomes immersed in something, he does his absolute best. When I see him working on lyric-writing, he looks so cool. He’s always sitting in the practice room working on a song. I think he always gives his all, and it stimulates me to do so too. He pursues what he’s good at and keep improving, which really enhances the quality of P1Harmony’s music overall.

Theo: Everyone is being so nice to each other. I don’t think I want to have any of their personalities (laughs). But I must say Jongseob reads a lot, and I don’t because I simply cannot sit still. I want to develop a habit of reading too.

Intak: I want to learn from Theo’s cool attitude and the way he just gets things done when he makes up his mind. He doesn’t overthink. He went to see a hockey game while we were in the United States. Knowing my personality, I wouldn’t look up information to reserve those tickets in a foreign country because I would find it unfamiliar and tedious. I actually want to do a lot of things but just don’t do them because it’s tiresome. Theo just goes for what he wants.

Keeho: True. Intak finds so many things tedious.

How do you feel after watching video messages from P1ece? (Korea JoongAng Daily)

Keeho: It feels so surreal, even as I’m watching the videos with my own eyes. We’re just six ordinary men who like to sing and dance on stage (laughs). And our fans love us for that, to this extent! I don’t think it’s easy to love someone this much, but they sent us these heartfelt videos. Many of them probably came to our U.S. tour, and it makes me think that they may be one of the thousands of audience members, but each of them is from a different place and have their own story, as they showed on their video messages. It makes us really grasp that we are loved by our fans, and we’re so grateful.


Jongseob: I always want our music and performances to make an impact on the people who watch. It can be any kind of influence, whether it’s helping them through hard times or whatnot. To see fans [in the video messages] telling us that they truly were impacted by us feels surreal. You know, hoping something would happen and then seeing for yourself that it actually happened are two different things.

Jiung: We’re thankful that we have the opportunity to give courage and joy to fans through our performances. That was exactly my dream since I was a child — not just to become a singer, but to become someone who can make people smile with my singing. Now I’m doing what I love. I hope we become even a little bit of help for them to go through their everyday lives. We’ll try even harder to repay them.


BY HALEY YANG [yang.hyunjoo@joongang.co.kr]