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Entertainment agency ADOR to host auditions for new boy band members

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Girl group NewJeans [NEWS1]
Girl group NewJeans [NEWS1]
Entertainment agency ADOR aims to find the “Real Hype Boys” through its upcoming global boy band audition.

The agency behind girl group NewJeans announced it will host the “2023 ADOR Global Audition – The Real Hybe Boys” to recruit members for a new boy band on Tuesday.

The online application period for the audition starts at 1 p.m. on Tuesday and will last until April 13. Applications will be opened to any male participants born between 2004 and 2012.

“Applicants can sing, dance or show any kinds of talent that they have,” explained the agency.

There will be offline auditions for the successful applicants, hosted in 12 different Korean cities and seven countries around the world: Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

More information will be available on ADOR’s audition site, ADOR World.

Founded by the former creative director of SM Entertainment, Min Hee-jin, ADOR is a newly-born label under HYBE. Girl group NewJeans, which debuted in 2022, is the only artist under the label at the moment.

Poster for ADOR's boy band audition ″2023 ADOR Gobal Audition - The Real Hype Boys -″ [ADOR]

Poster for ADOR’s boy band audition ″2023 ADOR Gobal Audition – The Real Hype Boys -″ [ADOR]

BY CHO YONG-JUN [cho.yongjun1@joongang.co.kr]