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“Eat Lettuce With Pork Belly”

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A recent study revealed that vegetables such as lettuce, onions and garlic reduces the amount of hazardous poison when consuming cooked pork belly, beef and sausage.

Dongguk University professor Jeong-seok Sung explained in his research for South Korea’s National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation on Feb. 9 that consuming vegetables and fruits lowers the amount of benzopyrene, a substance that inevitably turns poisonous when cooked at a high temperature.

Benzopyrene has also been identified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a substance that could potentially cause cancer.

Sung’s research stated that seven types of vegetables or fruits reduce benozopyrene by at least 15 percent—celeries (20.8), water parsleys (18.7), onions (18.1), lettuce (15.3), cinnamon (21.7), red tea (20.8) and strawberries (18.7).

Additionally, the research found that single-component substances also reduces causation of cancerous cells, such as myricetin (by 65 percent), ascorbic acid (50) and kaempferol (45). The likes of lettuce, red tea, onions and celeries also had similar effects by 60, 45, 40 and 20 percent, respectively.