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Dr. Jungsang Kim named 2023 fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

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Dr. Jungsang Kim, co-founder of IonQ, a prominent quantum computing company, has been named a 2023 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), as announced by the company on January 17.

The NAI recognized Kim for his significant contributions to innovation in quantum computing. IonQ, co-founded by Dr. Kim, is notable as one of the first quantum computing companies to be listed on a federal securities exchange and is currently in partnership with Amazon Braket.

Dr. Jungsang Kim

Dr. Kim holds 35 patents, 19 of which are licensed to IonQ. These patents encompass a range of innovations, including modular fault-tolerant quantum computer configurations based on trapped ions and methods for optimizing quantum circuits, among others.

“I am honored to join the ranks of NAI’s fellows, who are at the forefront of commercializing scientific and technological advancements,” Kim stated. He emphasized his commitment to maintaining IonQ’s position as a leader in the field of quantum systems.

The NAI, renowned for acknowledging inventors and innovators in science and technology, honors individuals who possess U.S. patents and have successfully transformed research into commercial technologies. In 2023, alongside Dr. Kim, a total of 162 inventors worldwide were accorded the prestigious title of NAI fellows.

BY NICOLE CHANG, HOONSIK WOO   [chang.nicole@koreadaily.com]