Craze for Mega Millions as Jackpot Hits $540 Million



Mega Millions, one of the most well-known lottery games in the United States, has reached its jackpot to be $540 million. With the hope of winning the jackpot, people are wildly buying the lottery, and the trend is no exception for residents of Orange County, CA.

Because of such a high winning price, even those who never have bought a lottery ticket in their life are also joining the Mega Millions craze.

Irvine resident, Park Young-jun, who is in his forties said, “My wife just bought 5 Mega Millions tickets and she has never bought a lottery ticket in her life. I was really surprised and asked her why and she said that she just wanted to buy them because the wining money is simply so much”.

The current Mega Millions fever is similar to what we had in last January. The jackpot money of Mega Millions had reached up to $1600 million and people went crazy about buying the tickets.

Officials at Mega Millions predicted that the jackpot money will be about $508 million. However, Mega Millions are currently being sold at a highly rapid speed. Just three days ago on the 5th, the jackpot was $454 million and it increased by 100 million only within three days.

Where you buy the lottery is also considered important. Some lottery-selling stores are known as lucky spots, so people are converging on those stores.

Costa Mesa’s liquor store ‘Baycrest Wine & Spirits’ is one of these lucky stores. Bryan N., the CEO of the store said, “There was even a customer who spent $3000 to buy lottery tickets at a single sitting. Any lottery tickets will make people want to spend some money on them if the jackpot goes up to $300 million.”

There is also someone who wishes the craze will be over soon. Kim Hyung-tae, who is a 30 year old officer worker in Buena Park said, “I have been buying 5 to 10 tickets a day recently when I usually only buy 1 or 2. If there is no jackpot winners on the day, I tend to spend more money buying more tickets, and I often regret that I wasted my money. I think doing everything responsibly is the most important thing.”


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Translated by Audrey Joung