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Contract extended for Purdue Northwest chancellor who made racist remarks

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The chancellor of Purdue University Northwest, Thomas Keon, who was previously reprimanded over his mocking of Asian languages during a commencement ceremony last year, will serve another year before resigning.

According to reports from Inside Indiana Business, Purdue University is planning to form a search advisory committee to find a new chancellor for Purdue Northwest, and Keon will keep his place one more year until 2024.

Keon has been the subject of controversy since his racist remarks during a commencement ceremony on December 10th, and the incident led the faculty senate, leaders in the Asian American community to demand Keon’s resignation.

However, despite the outcry, the university decided to keep Keon.

Purdue’s faculty senate chairman Thomas Roach released the statement, and said “This decision by a privileged few to protect one of their own further alienates members of our minority communities. I hope it is clear to everyone that the board’s decision in no way reflects the wishes of the majority of faculty on the Purdue campuses.”

By Gyeongeun Park [support@koreadaily.com]