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Clothing shoppers are digging a pile of returned items to find ‘small windfall’

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A store in Cerritos resembles a clothing war zone.
At Citi Mall Home Goods, shoppers, both young and old alike, passionately search through tall piles of clothes to find the right fit, trying on items on the spot or trying them on over their clothes to get a rough idea of the size.

The shopping frenzy intensifies when the clerk announces over the loudspeaker, “50 cents a piece!” A fierce competition breaks out between shoppers to grab the clothes, and they begin to throw everything that looks like it might fit into a large cart.

Only after filling their carts to the brim do they look satisfied and finished shopping. After checking out, the shoppers walk out of the store like warriors who have just gotten a huge amount of loot.

Customers pick out clothes at City Mall Home Goods in Cerritos, which sells returned and out-of-season items at deep discounts. [Haeun Chung, The Korea Daily]

City Mall Home Goods sells returned and out-of-season clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags, and purses, as well as blankets, chairs, toilet paper, cooking foil, cribs, fans, and much more at low prices. Cosmetics can be found for a dollar or two, and even wallets that cost $4 each can be found for $3 each if you buy six. The store is always packed with customers because word of mouth has gotten out about the great deals they offer.

Clothes, regardless of type, are sold for $1 a piece on Mondays and Tuesdays, 50 cents on Wednesdays, and $2 from Thursday through Sunday. Name-brand shoes like Adidas and Ugg are also available for $1 to $2. A $28 swimsuit, a $19.99 Carhartt jacket, and a $25 hoodie were a steal for between 50 cents and $2.

Adidas shoes sold at $2 at Citi Mall Home Goods [Haeun Chung, The Korea Daily]
“Clothes are the cheapest on Wednesdays because we get new clothes in the store on Thursdays,” said one clerk.Marvin Fernandez, who visited the store with his family, said, “I come here often because I can get branded clothes for 50 cents if I know where to look when I have to pay $20 for a T-shirt at other stores. I bought the clothes I’m wearing here, including a top, bottom, and shoes for $5.”

City Mall Home Goods has tens of thousands of T-shirts, jackets, blouses, skirts, jeans, and sneakers, making it a treasure hunt, according to one customer.

If you’re lucky, you can find some great deals, but the downside is that not all sizes are available, and it can be hard to find the right one. It’s also worth noting that exchanges and refunds are only available if the product is defective. So it’s important to choose carefully before you buy.

Little Depot in Houston, Texas, which specializes in selling returned goods, has also become incredibly popular in the area for its bargain prices. After years of high prices, consumers are flocking to these thrift stores. The low prices make it easy to save money, and the wide selection of products adds to the fun.

In particular, they are popular among families who need to buy a lot on a limited budget. In a recent report, Capital One Shopping predicted that the thrift market will grow from $44 billion in 2023 to $70 billion in 2027.

BY HAEUN CHUNG, HOONSIK WOO [chung.haeun@koreadaily.com]