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Children’s book about a Korean-American child published

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Anna Kim, a Korean-American author, is releasing Danbi’s Favorite Day on April 25, a children’s book about a Korean-American child named Danbi.

In the story, Danbi invites her friends to celebrate Children’s Day and introduces them to the Korean holiday.

“Children are the leaders of the future,” Kim said in our interview, adding that she started writing the book to instill dreams and hope in young children and to show them the idea of the Korean Children’s Day. “Children’s Day is a day with a vision,” she said, “and I hope there will be more days dedicated for children.”

Kim started writing 10 years ago. While looking for children’s books to read to her nephew, she realized that there were no Asian-themed children’s books available. She decided that she needed to write her own children’s books with Asian characters, and that’s when she picked up the pen.

“Most of our emotions are developed when we are young, so reading books with stories and backgrounds similar to our own in an early childhood is very important for development,” said Kim. “I plan to continue to create Danbi stories as a series for children who are growing up.”

To celebrate the release of the children’s book, the Korean American Community Center (KACC) will be hosting a program in Los Angeles on May 5 to introduce Korean children’s books and culture. The event will also feature the story of Danbi and will include Korean snacks to foster identity and leadership among Korean American children.

Kim’s first series of Danbi stories, Danbi Leads the School Parade, won the Children’s Book category at the 2021 Asian American Librarians Association (APALA) Literary Awards and has sold over 50,000 copies. Both series are available on Amazon. Anna Kim immigrated to California at age 12 and now lives in New York City.

BY YEJIN KIM [kim.yejin3@koreadaily.com]