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Calves in Korea Wear Jackets to Stay Warm in Freezing Weather

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A newborn calf is presented with a winter jacket [Hamyang County].

As biting cold continues nationwide for several days, some dairy farms even dressed their young calves in jackets.

Weather in Korea reached the lowest of the year on December 12. A calf at a dairy farm in Gimje is moving toward a heater [Rural Development Administration].
[Rural Development Administration]
[Hamyang County]

On Wednesday, December 12, the temperature recorded as low as -17 to -2 degrees Celsius in the morning. Cheorwon County and Hwacheon County showed the lowest, reaching down to -17 degrees and Seoul stays at -12 degrees Celsius.

Nationwide, daytime highs will go up to -3 to 2 degrees Celsius, with the temperature in Seoul forecasted to go up to -2 degrees.


Original article by Han Young-hye

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