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BTS’s Suga to star in radio show SUGA | Agust D Radio on Apple Music

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Suga form boy band BTS [BIGHIT MUSIC]
Suga form boy band BTS [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Suga from boy band BTS will launch a new radio series SUGA | Agust D Radio on Apple Music, the global tech company announced Tuesday.

“Suga, who will introduce listeners to his interesting world of music, will be discussing a variety of stories including his childhood dream, travels, his journey as an artist, and music — his lifelong lover,” Apple explained in a press release.

“I’m very excited to meet ARMYs around the world through my radio show. I think it will be an opportunity for me to share my stories and experiences through my music,” Suga said in a press release on Tuesday.

“[The radio show] will be presented like a chill conversation with myself. I hope fans enjoy the show.”

Suga will talk about his dreams, music that inspired him in his childhood, and how the young Min Yun-ki was able to turn into Suga of BTS and solo artist Agust D, in the first episode that will be released Tuesday, three days before his first official solo album drop on April 21.

SUGA | Agust D Radio, which will consist of five total episodes, will be released one at a time every Tuesday at 11 a.m., with the final episode available on May 16. The show will be available free of charge on Apple Music 1 radio channel during its radio premiere, but an Apple Music subscription will be required to listen to it on demand.

Suga’s first official solo album “D-DAY” is scheduled for release on April 21 under the artist’s stage name Agust D.

“D-DAY” will be Suga’s first official solo album and will also conclude his Agust D trilogy, following the release of two mixtapes, “Agust D” (2016) and “D-2” (2020). “D-2” included the lead track “Daechwita,” which was derived from the Korean traditional military tune of the same name, also featuring haegeum, or a traditional Korean string instrument that resembles a fiddle.

Agust D, Suga’s second stage name, is an anagram of “D tsugA” which refers to “Daegu town Suga,” or Suga from his hometown Daegu. The two mixtapes released under the stage name Agust D were released on SoundCloud in 2016 and 2020.

Cover image for SUGA | Agust D Radio, Suga's radio series on Apple Music [APPLE]
Cover image for SUGA | Agust D Radio, Suga’s radio series on Apple Music [APPLE]

BY CHO YONG-JUN [cho.yongjun1@joongang.co.kr]