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BTS’s RM to co-host educational show ‘The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge’

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RM of BTS will be co-hosting tvN’s upcoming educational television show “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge,” according to the cable channel on Tuesday.

“BTS’s RM will be joining ‘The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge’ as an M.C.,” tvN said in a statement. It also expressed its excitement to have the young artist on the show, describing RM as “an icon of the young generation” and someone with “extraordinary intellectual curiosity and sensibility.”

“The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge” will explore different kinds of humans all over the world and view them from various perspectives in a bid to ultimately discover parts of “me” that were unknown to even the hosts and the show’s viewers.

Novelist Kim Young-ha, physicist Kim Sang-wook, forensic scientist Lee Ho and astronomer Shim Chae-kyung will join the show as panelists to offer their scholarly perspectives on human issues.

The show is a sequel to “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” (2017-18) and “The Dictionary of Useless Crime Knowledge” (2021-22).

Director Jang Hang-jun will be RM’s co-host. He is best known for taking the helm of films “Forgotten” (2017), “Spring Breeze” (2003) and “Break Out” (2002) and dramas “Pinocchio” (2014-15), “My Love From The Star” (2013-14), “Who Are You?” (2013) and “Sign” (2011).

The program is set to air sometime this winter.

BY LEE JIAN [lee.jian@joongang.co.kr]