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Big Bang Finally Completes “MADE” with Three New Tracks

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Teaser images for new tracks, "FXXK IT," "LAST DANCE," and "GIRLFRIEND" [Image in courtesy of YG Entertainment].
Teaser images for new tracks, “FXXK IT,” “LAST DANCE,” and “GIRLFRIEND” [Image in courtesy of YG Entertainment].


On December 13 at midnight KST, Big Bang released three new songs, finally completing “MADE” album. Including newly added tracks, “FXXK IT,” “LAST DANCE,” and “GIRLFRIEND,” the full album of “MADE” has eleven numbers which comprise various genres ranging from rap to ballad.

“FXXK IT,” which is one of two title tracks, is a groovy hip hop number that sings about seducing an attractive girl. Colorful music video for “FXXK IT” presents reminiscent of Korea in the 1980s.

Another title number “LAST DANCE” is a slow R&B song that shows members’ sincere feelings about their past ten years. Including rappers T.O.P and G-Dragon, members sing their feelings with affecting vocals.

Streaming live on V-App, members speak how “LAST DANCE” is a meaningful number that represents Big Bang as of now.

“I broke out into tears listening to this song,” says Seungri. “It reminds me of Big Bang’s 10 years. The lyrics are exactly about Big Bang now.”

“We’re so thankful of being able to release this kind of song now,” says Taeyang.

In the meanwhile, Big Bang’s three new tracks are sweeping local music charts. By 1 AM on December 13, which is only one hour after the release, Big Bang had placed its name of top of eight major music charts in Korea.


By Heewon Kim