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Be Smart on (or at) your Leisure

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As more and more smart products are being poured into market, integration of sports products and IoT has become a common story. Following Smart Leisure items can make your leisure activities easier and more enjoyable.

luggage Electronic tagged Luggage
Self check-in at airports is a system designed to make check-in process faster. Many times, however, we end up waiting in endless lines to check in bags. To improve such inconvenience, Rimowa has designed a luggage using electronic tags, which will be processed automatically once you leave your luggage at check-in stations. This revolutionary system will take some time until generalized, but once made common, it sure will shorten notorious waiting time at airport.

Portable water purifier
Portable water purifiers are already used commonly among hikers and travelers who visit regions with bad water conditions. This portable UV Purifier from Hydro-Photon uses UV rays to purify water, which is faster and lighter. With SteriPen takes only 90 seconds to purify up to 4 liters of water.

Insect Killer LED light
If you don’t like those blue lights from regular insects killer lights, try LED light bulbs from Zapp Light, which look just like regular LED lights but kill insects.

Fuel cell-powered lantern
It’s never fun to find out that batteries are dead when you finally try to use the lantern. Solar-powered lanterns are good alternative to prevent such event to happen, but you still need plenty of sun to charge the batteries. This Fuel cell-powered lantern, however, uses salt water to light up. If you are visiting sea side, this lantern will be a perfect choice, and even when you’re not, you can just dissolve some salts into water to light up the lantern.

Smart Fishing Rods
This fishing rod from Fishsentry is connectable to your smartphone, which will send you notifications when your bait is fouled. It also gives you access to friends’ fishing trip data and let you and your friends share locations, time, tide condition, etc.

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=3&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.general&art_id=4082369
Translated by Heewon Kim

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