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Bad Habits that Make Your Hair Weak and Thin

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As many a mickle makes a muckle, every small habit gets you a greater result. If you noticed that your hair is growing thinner and weaker recently, you may want to review your day to see if any bad habit is ruining your hair.


7:00 am – Skipping the conditioner or hair treatment after shampooing

Maybe you wake up late sometimes or just don’t want to be bothered to use an additional product for your hair, but using only a shampoo to wash your hair is not the way to the healthy hair. After washing your hair using shampoo, your hair temporarily turns alkaline. To bring your hair back to basic or slightly acidic, which is the normal state of hair, you should use a conditioner. Treatment is used to apply a layer of coating to protect your hair after washing. For the best result, leave the product on your hair for three to five minutes before washing away.

7:30 am – Using hot styling tools


Protein that comprises your hair is easily damaged with heat. We know it feels good when your blow dry is successfully done, but it also means that your hair is being damages for the whole while you’re using hot styling tools like a blowdryer or an iron. If you can’t avoid using it at all, use hair strengthener to minimize the damage.

7:40 am – Applying hair spray fix your hair

Toxic substance in hair waxes or sprays is scarce, so using them on healthy hair is not problematic at all. However, if you don’t wash them out thoroughly, it may cause scalp inflammation. Also, sticky hair waxes or sprays can draw more dusts, bacteria, and molds to your hair and scalp.

12:30 pm – Jogging under the sun

Ultraviolet rays from the sun may make your hair thinner. If you spend much time under the sun, try using a sunscreen care product for hair. You don’t necessarily have to wash your sweaty hair right away, but leaving it for a long time may cause a scalp inflammation.

1:30 pm – Wearing a hat on wet hair

Did you wash your hair after sweating? That’s good. Did you wear a hat while your hair is still wet because you don’t have time to restyle your hair? No! Covering wet hair stops the air flow, which results in increased bacteria on scalp. Wait until your hair is thoroughly dried.

10:30 pm – Washing hair before going to sleep

So you washed your hair three times a day. Well, it’s good to keep your hair clean, but too much washing may increase keratin on your scalp. Once a day is usually good enough, but if you have a oily scalp, twice a day will do. If you’re to wash your hair once a day, doing it in the evening is better because you want to wash away dusts and bacteria on your hair after a long day. But remember to dry your hair completely!

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4236964
Translated by Heewon Kim