Automated Passenger Screening System Will Save Your Time at LAX


Security_Screening_at_the_Denver_AirportLos Angeles International Airport is adopting Automated Passenger Screening System, which is designed to save the security screening time up to 30%.

This new screening system fully automates the conveyor belt that delivers luggage to x-ray screening machines. As a result, passengers no longer have to place their luggage on the belt manually.

The number of belt also is increased from one to two. This added conveyor belt delivers empty screening trays to passengers in the line.

Automated Passenger Screening System will be test operated at Chicago O’Hare Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, and Miami International Airport, as well as at LAX.

This system developed by American Airline resembles the one installed at Atlanta Airport by Delta, which saved the waiting time to 30%.

American Airline is also planning to introduce 3D screening by the end of this year. 3D screening not only checks inside of luggage more thoroughly, but it also saves you from the inconvenience of taking out a laptop or liquid containers.