Authentic Tea and Food Pairings You Must Try



Caffeine and sugar make a perfect combination to fight against sleepyhead nods in the afternoon. According to a research result, caffeine and sugar make your brain function better.

맛있겠당There are various kinds of tea foods found around the world. Under the common denominator being sweetness, tea foods in each country present its cultural uniqueness.

In Japan, Kasdos is enjoyed as a companion for a bitter, flavorful cup of Matcha, Japanese green tea. Castella is a sponge cake made of sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup; Kasdos is an upgraded version of Castella. To make, slice Castella in bite sizes, dip into egg yolk, dip-fry, and sprinkle coarse sugar on the top to serve.

UK’s long history of afternoon tea culture resulted in the development of various teas and tea foods. Whether you drink a cup of black tea with a slice of lemon or a milk tea with strawberries, warm scone with jam and butter always goes perfectly well together. Scone, which is originated from Scotland, makes a good tea food because you can easily make different variations depending on the main ingredient you choose. Pecans, cranberries, blueberries, oranges… almost every imaginable ingredient makes delectable topping in a scone.

ladduChai is a tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Originating in India, chai has gained worldwide popularity, especially as a latte variation. Coconut ladoo is the just right sweet for a chai. Make a batter with coconut powder and condensed milk, make small balls, then roll in coconut flakes. Your tea time in three variations are ready to go!

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Translated by Heewon Kim