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Asiana Airlines launches special discounts on inflight duty-free for Lunar New Year

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Asiana Airlines is offering special discount coupons for inflight duty-free products and special deals on tickets to South Korea for customers visiting the country during the Lunar New Year.

Customers can save up to $30 on duty-free purchases onboard by downloading coupons from Asiana Airlines’ website, the company announced on January 26. Additionally, those planning to visit South Korea can take advantage of ticket specials, making travel to the country more affordable.

This promotion is available from January 29 to February 12 exclusively on Asiana’s website.

Asiana Airlines Lunar New Year promotion.

Furthermore, Asiana Airlines is expanding its service to Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. Beginning in March, the airline plans to introduce two daily A380 flights between Los Angeles and Incheon. In May, the frequency of night flights between New York and Incheon will increase to five times a week, and daily flights between Seattle and Incheon will commence.

The A380, a superjumbo airliner, will offer enhanced seat space and comfort on the Los Angeles route. Notably, the Business Suite on the A380 provides an unparalleled experience in a private space, featuring full flat-bed seats and twin sliding doors for ultimate comfort.

For more information on Asiana’s inflight duty-free coupons and special offers for the Lunar New Year, please visit flyasiana.com.

BY JAESUN SUH, JUNHAN PARK    [suh.jaesun@koreadaily.com]