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Apink Dedicates Their New Album to the Fans

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In courtesy of PlanA Entertainment
In courtesy of PlanA Entertainment

Apink’s first special album, “Dear,” was released on December 15 at midnight KST. This new album is described as a letter to their fans.

Apink’s newest album “Dear” is an album that’s especially more meaningful to both the group and its fans. Not only did the members participate in writings of songs’ lyrics, but they also asked fans to choose the songs to be remade in the album.

The title track of “Dear” is also full of Apink members’ love for fans. The title, “Cause You’re My Star,” sounds like a love letter to fans, likening them to stars in the sky.

Included also in the album are remakes of Apink’s hit numbers like “NoNoNo,” “Only One,” and “LUV.”

Watch the music video for “Caue You’re My Star” below!


Original article by Jung Joon-hwa
Translated by Heewon Kim

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