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“All You Can Eat” for All You Can Imagine

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When people think of “All You Can Eat” menu, Korean barbeque is usually the first and only one that pop into their minds. To many people’s delight, the “All You Can Eat” option is becoming a trend in not only Korean cuisine, but for other menus in the food industry today. However, for some, all you can eat options can be expensive — all you can eat Korean barbeque usually cost around $30 per person.

15638298618_2d3bcf60ab_oThere are many restaurants that have affordable all you can eat menus. The following are some restaurants that offer unlimited service for around $15 per person. A Frame has suggested an “All You Can Eat” for pancakes, Mayura for Indian cuisine, Wahib’s Middle East for Lebanese cuisine, The Independence for French toast.

The Sushi By Jin offers unlimited sushi for around Pacific_oysters$25. Also, for those of you who wants to take your special ones out, Cafe Sierra offers unlimited king crab, oyster, sushi, caviar, and Champaign for around $50. Although this may sound pricey, many find it reasonable compared to eating those delicate menus individually.

All you can eat service in the food industry has become very popular.Just like in every industry, where the goal is usually to create as much profit as possible, it is often hard to stray away from the competition and actually provide a satisfying experience for the
customers. It is often a hard decision for restaurants to provide unlimited food service because they need to guarantee good price along with quality food. However, those in the industry explain this phenomenon as an inevitable one following the great competition within the industry.


The original document can be found at http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=2&branch=LA&source=LA&category=lifenleisure&art_id=4051686

Translated by Sooahn Ko