Affordable Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway Ideas


With the weather gets warmer, maybe you’re already wondering if the summer vacation is nearing (no judgment, because I am). Before it gets too hot, plan your weekend getaways to warm up for the summer. These following places make perfect weekend getaway destinations for their adjacency allows you to have an affordable day trip with your family.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
San Diego Zoo Safari Park

1. Palm Springs

Among countless activities you can find in Palm Springs – golfing, hiking, jeep touring, relaxing in the hot mineral springs and what not – you may wonder what your kids can enjoy as well. Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs, a 21-acre water park with 18 water rides and attractions, is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day with your family. While it’s still too cool to go to a water park, Aerial Tramway can be another family-friendly activity option in Palm Springs.

2. Santa Barbara Zoo

If you’re planning on a light-duty activity near Los Angeles, Santa Barbara Zoo is our recommendation. Route to the zoo is short and easy and the site is relatively small enough to make a day trip destination. If you want to have a little more fun on the way, train trip can be your option.

3. Channel Islands Park

Although people are familiar with Santa Catalina Island, not so many people pay a visit to Channel Islands. Channel Islands National Park provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities and a delightful break from the congestion and clamor of urban life. Among five islands, Anacapa Island and Santa Cruz Island are good for day trip destinations.

4. Idyllwild

Idyllwild offers you a perfect opportunity for the mountain camping without having to hike up to Big Bear. Hiking, rock climbing, mountain bike, and other dynamic outdoor activity options are also available.

5. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

If you don’t know what differentiate a safari park from a zoo, you will learn it from a visit to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Various options to explore the safari park is offered, including caravan, trike, jungle ropes, and flightline.

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