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A person drove a vehicle into Chinese consulate in San Francisco

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@katchup_news A person drove a vehicle into the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, and after confronting the driver, police shot and killed them. The incident occurred around 3:09 p.m. PT. The consulate was handling visa-related matters. The driver was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead. No one else in the consulate appeared to be injured. The reasons for the shooting and whether the driver was armed remain unclear. The Consulate General of China strongly condemned the incident, calling for a swift and lawful investigation. The crash caused significant damage to the building. The investigation involves multiple agencies due to the unique circumstances of the incident. What do you think was the cause of the perpetrator’s crime in this incident video credit : abc news & twitter @activeasian #sanfrancisco #sf #fyp #news #chineseconsulate #china #chinese #asian #police #Investigation #incident #driver ♬ News, news, seriousness, tension(1077866) – Lyrebirds music