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A Life-Changing 10 Days in Peru

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Is it Time for Digital Detoxification? (by Derrick Ahn)

Derrick Ahn / Grade 11 / Oxford Academy

A Life-Changing 10 Days in Peru (by Aspen Lee)

Aspen Lee / Grade 9 / SantaFe Christian School

Eagle Scout Board Meeting: Time to Become an Eagle Scout? (by Aidan Bang)

Aidan Bang / Grade 11 / John Marshall High School

Zoe’s AP Season Diary (by Zoe Lok)

Zoe Lok / Grade 11 / Lake Oswego High School

The New Fast Food (by Sain Kim)

Sain Kim / Grade 11 / Orange County School of the Arts

Historical Pieces at the Norton Simon Museum (by Joanne Kim)

Joanne Kim / Grade 10 / La Canada High School