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A Company Worldwide is providing rent relief to Korean-American single mothers with $1000/month

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A Korean-American Christian organization is providing rent relief to single Korean-American mothers in need.

A Company Worldwide (Chairman Lee Kyung-mi), a Christian organization that runs a women’s recovery ministry, announced on the 12th that they will be supporting rent relief to Korean single mothers for about six months at $1000 per month after receiving applications and going through the interview process.

Eligible applicants must be Korean-American single mothers (including pregnant women) over the age of 20 who do not have drug or alcohol-related problems. Any single mom with children under 18 can apply.

“We want to support single moms in need,” said Janet Joo from A Company Worldwide. “Without the eviction moratorium that was in place during the pandemic, many single moms are at risk of eviction, so we encourage them to reach out.”

Founded in 2017, A Company Worldwide’s various missions to help women include sponsoring single moms, ending female homelessness, and supporting the work of women missionaries. Currently, the organization holds recovery meetings in West L.A., Fullerton, South Bay, and Koreatown.

“32 members of our organization are currently receiving donations and government funds to support women,” said Lee.

▶Inquiry:(213)361-2723, (213)210-3292


BY JANG YEOL [support@koreadaily.com]