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9th Grade Formal: Hair, Makeup, & Dress Guide

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The Art of Human Relationships (by Hannah Lee)

Hannah Lee / Grade 11 / South High School

Provide or Not to Provide PowerPoints to Students? (by Jaeyun Park)

Jaeyun Park / Grade 9 / Hillcrest Christian School

Mary Poppins: The Importance of Family (by Jiyong Kwak)

Jiyong Kwak / Grade 9 / Juniper Christian School

A Must-Attend Event: Club Rush (by Reanna Lee)

Reanna Lee / Grade 9 / North Hollywood High School

9th Grade Formal: Hair, Makeup, & Dress Guide (by Summer Park)

Summer Park / Grade 9 / Harvard-Westlake School

College Campus Tours as a High School Student (by James Lim)

James Lim / Grade 11 / Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School