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78th anniversary of Korea’s liberation celebrates descendants of independence fighters

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The 78th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from colonial Japan will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on August 15 on the first floor of the Korean Education Center in Los Angeles.

The event is organized in collaboration with major civic groups in the Korean American community, including the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles, U.S. West Coast Chapter of the Korean Liberation Association, the March 1 Women’s Association of the United States, the Korean National Association Memorial Foundation, the Heungsadan, and the Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Foundation of America.

A press release from the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles states that during the ceremony well-known Korean independence fighters and their descendants, as well as lesser-known fighters and their descendants, will be introduced to the Korean community.

In addition to the celebratory performances, there will be a photo exhibition showcasing colonial Japan’s war crimes and a display about the history of Korean independence movements in the United States. This exhibition aims to remind us of the brutality of imperial Japan, which planned to exterminate the Korean people until the liberation of Korea, in cooperation with the General Baekya Kim Jwa-jin Memorial Society.

“During the pandemic, many first-generation immigrants and elders of the Korean American community have passed away, including Mike Myung Ki Hong, Ralph Ahn, Thomas Chung, and Min Hi Rhee. It’s essential for our generation to recognize their contributions, and we hope to inspire the younger generation to continue their community engagement,” said a spokesperson from the organizing committee.

“We are looking forward to welcoming more descendants of independence fighters to this year’s celebration,” he added, extending an invitation to descendants of independence fighters to get in touch.

For more information and inquiries, interested individuals can contact (323) 732-0700 or email info@kafla.org.

BY NICOLE CHANG [chang.nicole@koreadaily.com]