7 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in March 2019


Here are our updates on the upcoming Korean dramas to premiere in March 2019! For currently showing dramas, check out our list of 9 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in February 2019.

Big Issue

  • Drama
  • March 6
  • Starring Joo Jin-mo, Han Ye-seul, Shin So-yul, and more
  • “Big Issue” follows paparazzi and other employees of a gossip magazine who do anything to chase after celebrity scandals.



  • Comedy/Thriller
  • March 6
  • Starring Song Sae-byeok, Go Joon-hee, Yeon Jung-hoon and more
  • A detective and a psychic medium work together to get rid of a ghost that possesses a person to become a murderer.


He Is Psychometric

  • Fantasy / RomCom
  • March 11
  • Starring Park Jin-young, Shin Ye-eun, and more
  • A man who has a psychometric power to read people’s minds meets a secretive woman. The two join forces to solve cases.


Dr. Prisoner

  • Medical / Suspense
  • March 20
  • Starring Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara, Kim Byung-cheol, and more
  • A skilled doctor gets involved in a medical accident and starts working as a head doctor in a prison.


Kill It

  • Thriller
  • March 23
  • Starring Jang Ki-yong, Nana, and more
  • “Kill It” is a “killer-action drama” following a veterinarian who kills people and a detective who wants to save people from him.



  • Legal
  • March 23
  • Starring Lee Joon-ho, Shin Hyun-bin, Yoo Jae-myung, and more
  • The drama follows a lawyer’s endeavor to clear his father’s charge against the law prohibiting double jeopardy.


Welcome to Waikiki Season 2

  • Comedy
  • March 25
  • Starring Lee Yi-kyung, Kim Sun-ho, Shin Hyun-soo, and more
  • A no-name actor who runs a guest house invites his high school friends to revive the business in crisis.



By Heewon Kim