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6 Worst Types of Annoying Car Passenger

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#1 Overdramatic Passenger 
This type is always number one on the blacklist. People who are overdramatic and who always create a great fuss over trivial things are the worst type of people to seat in the front passenger seat, because their fuss can make the driver get suddenly shocked, and it may result in unfortunate accidents.



#2 The Sleeper
People who always sleep on the passenger seat can not only bore the driver, but also make the driver feel like, “Am I her personal driver or something?” and hurt the driver’s feeling.



#3 People Who Hit Another Car’s Door
Some passengers carelessly open and close the door. In certain situations, for example the car next to your car is closely parked, there may be accidents of hitting the door of another car.



#4 People Who Put Feet on Dashboard
Putting feet on the dashboard is not a good manner considering the driver. Your feet may block the driver’s sight to the side mirror and possibly cause accidents. In addition, when there is an accident, it can be dangerous because the airbag is usually installed in the dashboard.



#5 People Who Leave Crumbs In the Car
When food crumbs are left in the car, it can be difficult to clean and they may go moldy especially during the summer.



#6 People Who Complain About Your Car
Some passengers complain about your car. For example, they ask you why you chose the car, or why you chose the color. These complaints may often times hurt the feelings of the driver, who is driving for you.


Original article available at autos.koreadaily.com
Translated by Audrey Joung


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