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53-Year-Old Man Set Motel in Seoul on Fire after Being Denied to Call Prostitute

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Five people were killed on January 20 in an arson attack on a motel in Jongno-gu, Seoul. It has been reported that the suspect started the blaze after being denied by the motel owner to call a prostitute.

In the police investigation, the 53-year-old suspect stated, “I was drunk and wanted a commercial sex, so I randomly entered the motel caught at the first sight.”

According to the Police, the suspect called the police at around 2 in the morning after an argument with the motel owner who denied his staying. The owner of the damaged motel, too, reported to the police a couple of times.

The suspect headed to a gas station to purchase gas, which he scattered on the corridor of the motel to set the fire.

The fire caused deaths of five among ten guests. The other five guests, too, were hospitalized.


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