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5 Korean Male Beauty Vloggers to Check out

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Who says makeup is only for girls? As a number of awesome male beauty vloggers like Jeffree Star and James Charles prove, makeup artistry can be appreciated regardless of gender.

These Korean male beauty YouTubers break the barrier further and tell us that makeup for men is something to be practiced in every culture. While most of them focus on tutorials for natural makeup that goes half a step further from daily grooming, some of them also go a bit further to present K-pop artist cover make-ups or professional makeup looks on another level.


1. LeoJ (레오제이)

LeoJ is known not only as an expert in K-pop star cover makeups but also as one of the very first Korean beauty YouTuber to try genderless makeups. Check out the CL cover makeup above!


2. Norugun (노루군)

Norugun is a vlogger popular for presenting daily makeup tutorials people can try in their daily lives. Instead of professional techniques, the YouTuber applies some simple touches that make one look rather neat.


3. Hwan.E (화니)


This high schooler is famous for the “plastic surgery makeup tutorials,” which show dramatic changes after the makeup. His vlogs, which follow his days as a high school student in Korea, are good time killers as well.


4. Ryeori (려리)

Ryeori is not exactly a beauty vlogger, but this hair designer shares tips on expressing his personality using various skills, which sometimes include applying makeups.



5. Kim Ki-soo (김기수)

Former comedian, Kim Ki-soo now is known more as a beauty influencer who blurs the gender barrier. He also hosts an online show in which he gives useful makeup tips.


By Heewon Kim