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5 Items Available Only at Korean Convenience Stores – Cup Noodle Edition

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Convenience stores have a special appeal, especially in Korea. As you step inside one of those clean, bright stores that stay open 24/7, hottest K-pop and the cashier’s apathetic greeting welcome you.

Convenience stores may not offer the best deal, but they make sure that the shelves are up to date all the time. No matter which part of the country you visit, convenience stores will offer the newest food trend of Korea on sight.

It is a recent trend among large scale convenience store chains in Korea, such as GS25, CU, and 7-Eleven, to produce private label products. In this 5 Items Available Only at Korean Convenience Stores series, we will explore some of the trendiest items available only at Korean convenience stores.



If Dosirak is on the rise as a simple meal option, packaged ramen products, especially the instant cup noodles, have been the steady seller at Korean convenience stores.

As more varieties are added with active product development, there is now a huge range of cup noodle products, which guarantees satisfaction to everyone.

Wondering what those are? Here are some of the popular cup noodles available at Korean convenience stores.

1. Blue Cheese Noodle

Not a fan of spicy ramen? How about trying this cheese noodle enriched with cheddar, camenbert, and blue cheese?

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2. Kimchi Jjigae Ramen

If you like Kimchi Jjigae, you’ll love this cup noodle! (tip: add few slices of Spam and cheese to make a Budae Jjigae ramen)

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3. Buldak Bokkeum Myun

Notorious for its immoderate spiciness, Buldak Bokkeum Myun is available in cup as well.

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4. Tuna Ramen

Canned tuna in spicy ramen? I really wonder how it taste like…

5. Crab Ramen

Of course it won’t be as good as ramen made with real crabs, reviews say that this ramen tastes richer than regular ramens.

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By Heewon Kim