5 Korean Dogstagram Accounts to Follow


There is nothing better than cute dog pictures that heal your minds even on tough days. Thanks to social media, the cutest images of dogs across the globe are only few finger slides away. If you wonder how the dog life goes in Korea, here are some of the dogs you should follow on Instagram.


1. Darly @run_darly


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Already made appearances in a number of tv commercials, Darly must be the most famous dog in Korea. Darly recently co-starred with Wanna One’s Yoo Sun-ho in Korean indie singer 10CM’s music video.


2. Ricotta @cotta_hee


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This white pomeranian puppy ball is a foodie, as much as she is a fashionista. You can also get information about some Korean restaurants where you can take your four-legged friends.


3. Bonjour & Bonsoir @sso_bonjour_soir


Check out the bichon frise mother and daughter! And their human baby friend!


4. Baekho @corgibh


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Baekho is a corgi that makes you crack a smile by wearing some craziest outfits from time to time.


5. Chulsoo @chulsoo_dog


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Chulsoo also is a widely known dog celebrity with over 50K Instagram followers. Looking at his professional attitude in front of cameras, you will soon see the reason behind his popularity.


By Heewon Kim