23-Year-Old Fashion Designer Makes Traditional Korean Dress Sexier Than Ever

Instagram @siotproject

Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea, has been known for its vibrant colors and elegant silhouettes. But this young Korean fashion designer adds yet another feature to hanbok: sexiness.

CNe Choi, 23, is a fashion designer who launched “Siot Project.” Choi’s series of hanbok is made approachable to anyone, reflecting her desire to make hanbok easy. These days, Korean traditional dresses are worn only for special occasions. However, Siot Project introduces hanbok designs made to look harmonious with contemporary clothing. 

What distinguishes CNe Choi’s designs from those of other contemporary hanboks that have recently been rising popular, is its bold, almost experimental features. Rather than emphasizing traditional habok’s vibrant colors and elegant design, Choi doesn’t fear using monotonous colors to create alluring mood through the dress.

Another way Choi tried to make hanbok approachable is found in the materials used. Contrary to the existing hanboks that use ramie cloth or silk, Choi’s hanboks are made of materials that are easily washable.

The young designer says that she wants her designs to be a medium that connects a person to another. While she is working on her dream, hanboks she creates is also connecting past and present.


By Heewon Kim