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[2023 KD Python with Data Science Project] empowers Korean American students

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The Korea Daily hosted the ‘2023 KD Python with Data Science Project’ camp online for six weeks, running from June 15 to July 26. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with SoDAVi, a nonprofit organization specializing in data analysis.

The Korea Daily Python Coding Camp, now in its second annual occurrence, marks a significant milestone as the first project undertaken by a Korean media company in the United States, aimed at contributing to community development.

The camp’s focus involved selecting pertinent community issues and analyzing related data through Python coding. With the anticipation of the big data analysis market expanding, the program’s primary objective is to provide practical, hands-on opportunities to the next generation of Korean American students.

Notably, this year’s edition of the camp featured a partnership with DBYs Coding Academy (DBYs), an online coding school. DBYs provided a metaverse platform for conducting classes, thereby enhancing students’ immersion in the learning process. Additionally, the program optimized digital learning by granting students access to the virtual space beyond scheduled lecture hours, facilitating collaborative projects through virtual machines.

The program was led by USC professor Seon Ho Kim and data analytics experts from SoDAVi, along with guest speakers active in the field. The curriculum spanned 35 hours over a six-week period, encompassing a two-week Python coding intensive course, a four-week Python with Data Science Project course, and a lecture session titled “Meet the Leaders.”

Participation in the program was open to students in 8th grade and above, possessing intermediate to advanced Python skills. A total of 26 students formed five teams, engaging in data analysis and culminating in project presentations on the program’s final day. Each student received certificates from Korea Daily and SoDAVi. Notably, outstanding students earned coveted internship positions as data analysis interns at the Korea Daily, and also had the prospect of becoming members of SoDAVi.

The outcomes of each team’s projects can be accessed on YouTube. The corresponding links are provided below.

▶Team 1 (youtu.be/BINxBG9os6Q)

▶Team 2 (youtu.be/Owg9mtfU-kQ)

▶Team 3 (youtu.be/o9g10NBsbDI)

▶Team 4 (youtu.be/630bveZwW-g)

▶Team 5 (youtu.be/UvivuOBx7Bk

by Park Gyeong-Eun