Youth Camp for Leadership in Science and Technology


The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers (KSEA) will holds its second Youth Science and Technology Leadership Camp (YSTLC) to realize its vision of producing the next generation of tech-savvy professionals. YSTLC will be held between Aug. 6 and Aug. 12 at Hyatt Regency Crystal City near Washington D.C.

For the upcoming camp, KSEA is inviting John Mather, an astrophysicist and cosmologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for his work on cementing the big-bang theory, to meet with the students. The camp will also invite NASA engineers to work with the students to experiment and work on various projects, including an assignment in the vacuum and vibration chambers at NASA’s Goddard Center.

The students at the camp will also be invited to a Q&A session with the astronauts as well as going on a fieldtrip inside the pilotless balloon that toured around Antarctica. They will also visit various sites at the National Institutes of Health and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as well as getting a firsthand look at neuroscience research center at Johns Hopkins University.

The camp invitees will also participate in various science experimentation projects, fieldtrips to symposiums and forums, networking with graduate students and mentorship by senior scientists.

Eligible applicants for the camp must be attending eighth grade or higher. They are encouraged to submit their applications via YSTLC’s website ( The decision will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Meanwhile, UKC is an annual event that will be held for the 19th time this year. It is the largest science and technology networking event for Korean-Americans attended by at least 1,000 participants every year.

▶ Camp inquiry:, (703)-748-1221