Who Said Kim Rae-won is a Has-been?


Through the new drama ‘Doctors’, you can truly experience actor Kim Rae-won’s sweetness. His eyes are always full of love, and the way he expresses his love in public makes your heart flutter.

In the SBS drama ‘Doctors’, Kim Rae-won plays Hong Ji-hong, who is a neurosurgeon. Ji-hong is in love with Hae-jeong (Park Shin-hye), who once was his student 13 years ago.  Ji-hong is always ready to do anything for her.

To Ji-hong, there is no such thing as ‘push and pull’ love tactics. He directly expresses his love to Hae-jeong in a bold way. Although sometimes he comforts her, who has a rough childhood experience, human to human, but a lot of times he treats her with pure love.

He sympathizes and comforts Hae-jeong for getting her feelings hurt by other people, but all of a sudden throws her a straightforward question asking, “So, are we dating or what?”, which confuses her.

Although the drama is a continuation of cheesy situations and comments, the character of Hong Ji-hong is still so attractive. He is too lovely not to fall in love with. And this reminds us how great actor Kim Rae-won was once again.

He digests any lines with his own unique style, which helps viewers immerse themselves in the drama. The baritone voice, smiling eyes, and bright smile are also what makes the actor so attractive.

Especially in Episode 7, which aired on the 11th, Kim made many of his fans’ hearts flutter. When Hae-jeong asks him,”Don’t you have to look after outpatients right now?”, Ji-hong says with a big smile, “How did you know my schedule? did you look for it? My heart flutters!”, which is simple cuteness.

The character Hong Ji-hong is not only a great doctor, but also a man, who is the most attractive when in love.


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Translated by Audrey Joung