What are the Best Compact SUVs of 2016?


More and more people are looking for compact SUVs these days.

So, editors specializing in cars have test driven and compared ‘the 5 best compact SUVs’ of 2016.

1. Joe Bruzek, Editor specializing in road test
2. Jennifer Geiger, News editor
3. Bill Jackson, Data editor

These three editors each drove a total of 160 miles around Chicago and Wisconsin. After comparing and analyzing each car, they have selected the best car among five compact SUVs.

1. 2016 Toyota RAV4

RAV4-MPG: 24/31/26 (City/Highway/Combined)
Interior Quality: #1
Cargo Capacity: #1
Stability: Joint #1 (w/ Honda CR-V)
Child seat: #1

Strengths: Large cargo capacity, suitable for family with children, Quite car drive

2. 2017 Kia Sportage

kia sportage

MPG: 23/30/26 (City/Highway/Combined)
Handling: #1
Acceleration: #1
Ride comfort: #1

Strengths: Strong power, comfortable ride, advanced technology installed

3. 2016 Honda CR-V


MPG: 25/31/27 (City/Highway/Combined)
Stability: Joint #1
Cargo Capacity: Joint #1
Performance per Price: #1

Strengths: Engine power, Large leg room

4. 2017 Ford Escape


MPG: 23/30/26 (City/Highway/Combined)
Child safety seat: #1
Advanced technology & Entertainment: #1
Handling: Joint #1
Noise control: #1

Strengths: Comfort, quietness

5. 2016 Hyundai Tucson


MPG: 24/28/26 (City/Highway/Combined)
Handling: Joint #1

Strengths: Power lift gate, blind spot monitoring, four-wheel drive


Original article available at autos.koreadaily.com
Translated by Audrey Joung