Try This Moist, Soft Fruit Cake Recipe




Many women have a fantasy of home-baking a cake, making a tasteful cup of coffee, and spending some relaxed time at home. In the spring, many little and cute fruits are everywhere, and you can make your home-baked cake better just by putting these fruits on the top of a simple cake.

We met Grace Kim, who says she started baking because she “missed people”. Graduated from USC, where she majored in musical instrument, Kim spent a lot of time practicing her instrument alone since childhood. As she liked cooking and baking since she was young, she entered the home baking field, and now she is a famous baker in Orange County.

“It was very enjoyable to see pretty cakes and tasty breads just made out of my hand. I first started my baking class to meet people, and as a result I have a lot of old friends now. It is very meaningful to make a new recipe, and I am still learning about vegan baking. This time, I baked a cake using spring fruits, strawberries and oranges. I think it’s very pretty enough to give to someone as a gift”.

Strawberries and cream cake

Ingredients: (sponge cake) Cake flour 55g, baking powder ½ small spoon, starch 15g, sugar 50g, cooking oil 25/30g, water 30g, egg whites, 3 eggs yolk (whip cream) heavy whipping cream 450g, sugar 55g, Cointreau 2 big spoons (syrup) Cointreau 1 big spoon, water 50g, sugar 25g

First, pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees and put a sheet of oil paper at the bottom and side of the cake tool. Put the egg whites and egg yolks separately in each middle-sized bowls. To the egg yolk bowl, put 25g of sugar and mix it until it makes light creamy colored bubbles. To this bowl, put water and cooking oil, and mix it again. After mixing it, sift the power ingredients through a sifter. Next, mix the egg white bowl (don’t put sugar beforehand) until it makes bubbles, and then put the sugar into three times, and mix it to make strong foams. To the dough, pour the egg white bowl divided into three times. Pour the newly made dough into the cake tool, and then stir it with a pair of chopsticks. Then, put the tool in the pre-heat oven and bake for 35~40 minutes. After it is all baked, take the cake out of the tool, flip it, and then cool it.

Next, cut the cake into two or three layers. At the very bottom layer, put some syrup and cover the layer. On the top of it, cover it with the whip cream, put some strawberries all over, and then put whip cream again. Put the next layer and follow the same steps. On the very top layer, put syrup. Then cover the top and sides with whip cream until you can’t see the cake inside. After tidying up around the cake, finish it with decoration using strawberries.

Orange pound cake
Ingredients: (cake) flour 200g, orange zest 2, sugar 180g, butter 180g, buttermilk 50g, orange juice 30g, egg 3, baking soda 1g, baking power 2g, salt 1g / (glaze) sugar power 65g, orange juice 1 big spoon, lemon juice 1 small spoon, water little / (topping) pistachio, orange

Pre-heat the oven set to 350g and cover the pound tool with oil. Mix the orange peel with sugar. Put butter milk in orange juice and mix it. Squash the butter with a hand mixer and put sugar, then stir it well. Mix it with a hand mixer as you put egg little amount multiple times, then put salt in and mix it. Put half of flour, baking power and soda, put 1/2 of orange juice and mix it, then later put the rest of the power and juice and mix it until it does not make chunks. Pour the prepared dough and use rubber spatula to push it from the center to the corner at each ends. Put it in the pre-heat oven and bake it for 45~50 minutes.

When the cake is in the oven, make the glaze by mixing orange juice, lemon juice, and sugar power with a mixer, until you see no power at all. When the cake is finished baking, put the glaze on top of it and decorate with little bit of oranges and pistachio.


  • Summer vacation kids class
    From June 8th to 22th, there will be a baking class for children. The class activities include making cheese, icing cookies, making spaghetti and cupcake. This event will be a collaboration with some cuisine researchers. More info: (562)896-3090


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Translated by Audrey Joung