This Pet Store Has Everything You Need to Make Your Four-Legged Friend a Hipster


Even though hipster fashion may be too cool for us humans, it might fit just right on our awesome, adorable four-legged friends. So says the Korean online pet accessory store Shibas Daegal.

First launched as a small business selling handmade felt dolls, the online store is now the go-to website for hipster pet-owners’ to buy a variety of cool, idiosyncratic pet garments. With simple accessories like “dog glasses” or cute apparel, you can easily accentuate the inner coolness of your pets.


Below are some of the most popular items available from Shibas Daegal.


1. Retro Mirrored Sunglasses


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2. Wigs


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3. More Wigs


4. Dreadlock Wigs


5. Flower Crown


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6. Crocs Clogs That Comes in a Shoe Box


7. Macbook And Glasses That Will Make Your Dog a Digital Nomad


By Heewon Kim