The Future of Coffee?


co-cubes-chewable-coffee-psfkMany people are addicted to caffeine these days, especially coffee, that they cannot imagine starting their day without a cup. It is hard to spot someone at work without a cup of coffee. However, for those who desperately needs coffee but is too lazy to go out for another cup or is too busy, chewable coffee has appeared. This new product has been provoking interest of many because it is as if Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’s meal replacing gums have come to real life. 

Nootrobox, a company that already has interesting products such including RISE a pill-type product that is designed to enhance your long-term cognitive performance and YAWN that optimizes sleep, has invented “Gocubes” which are coffee flavored jelly cubes. Gocubes comes in three flavors: mocha, pure drip and latte. In one pack of Gocubes, there are four “cubes” and each cube contains 50mg of caffeine. Considering that one cup of coffee contains 100mg of caffeine on average, if you eat one pack of Gocubes, that is equivalent as drinking two cups of coffee.


Nootrobox suggests some of the benefits of this product as not worrying coffee spills and stains ruining clothes. People who’ve tried this product have summed up some of the pros of Gocubes as being able to exactly calculate how much caffeine you’ve consumed, not having to carry cups around, and affordable price. Gocubes are being sold for $53 for 40 packs. That is, one pack is around $1.

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Edited by Sooahn Ko