“Supporting Korean Community’s Autistic Children”


“Our company helps to promote ecofriendly environment and saving energy. It’s not simply just worrying about water and light. This is where you help to improve the local community.”

M-Green, a provider of solar panels and other energy-saving projects, recently visited Happy Village. The company wanted to help the Korea Daily’s autism family event. M-Green first donated $1,000. The autism family event, which was previously held on Aug. 12, offers autistic children a chance to play at a museum and enjoy various artwork. The next two events will take place on Oct. 29 and Jan. 28.

“We are well aware that autistic children are extremely lonely,” M-Green president Christine Ko said. “I always wanted to help them, but it wasn’t easy to put my thoughts into action. I hope this small gesture can let the families of autistic children know that our thoughts are with them.”

Dream Realty vice president Max Lee also recently came to Happy Village with a $600 check. He has always thought about ways to help the community, and added that he wanted to participate in an event with a meaningful cause.

“We’ve been donating every year and are looking for a place where we can continue to provide help,” Lee said. “The disappointing part is that the Korean community seems to be hiding our autistic children.”

Lee added: “My thinking is that it’s almost as if the parents are autistic. There are parents who refuse to bring their children to the outside world once they’re showing autistic symptoms. That makes the illness even worse later on. Treating autism is really important when the patient is between ages 2 and 5. It’s disappointing to hear that so many autistic children don’t get timely treatment.”

Happy Village representative Mark Lee explained: “Our Oct. 29 event is already fully booked. We’re expecting a big turnout for the Jan. 28 event, too. With the funds we’ll be raising from these events, we’re going to provide the participating students with pretty T-shirts, cookies and beverages.”

The event will be supported by Seoul Medical Group. It will take place at Children’s Museum at La Habra. About 80 students at the event will enjoy programs designed for autistic children at the museum.

The programs will include various hands-on games. Many of the games are playable at home for autistic children and their families.

Meanwhile, organizations and individuals interested in supporting the event can still offer their help. The Oct. 29 event will start at 11 a.m. ▶Inquiry: (213)368-2679

By Byung Chang