Simply Click to Eat at Your Favorite Korean Restaurant




LA Koreatown’s restaurants are improving their reservation system. Other than the traditional phone-call method, many restaurants are now providing more convenient reservation services using the Smartphone or Internet.

Such system had been common only in the major restaurants outside Koreatown, but now it is settled down in Koreatown, as well. From the restaurants or cafes’ perspective, it is beneficial because they can figure out the number of customers beforehand; it is also convenient and time-saving for the customers since they don’t have to wait for a long time at the restaurant.


You can make a reservation for Caffe Concerto (Wilshire and Serrano) directly on its Internet homepage ( They have available spots for every 15-minute times, from 11AM to 11:30PM at the LA location, and 2PM to 9:30PM at the Arcadia location. You can also make a reservation on your Smartphone.

Caffe Concerto’s manager explained, “So far, there are more customers who make phone-call reservations, but since website and Smartphone reservation is a trend for the age groups from teenagers to thirties, it is expected that we will receive more reservations through our website or Smartphone”.

Located at Wilshire and Western, M Grill also provides homepage reservation system. They have times available on 30-minute spots and have different times available on weekdays and weekends. They are currently not receiving reservations on weekend afternoons. M Grill, especially, provides a separate reservation system on its website for large parties, more than 12 customers. You can also make a reservation on another website OpenTable (

To make a reservation for Le Comptoir on 6th St, you can simply go on its homepage ( both on computer or Smartphone. But, you have to pay a 45 dollar reservation deposit beforehand. But, you have to pay a 45 dollar reservation deposit beforehand.


Many restaurants in Koreatown provide reservation system through Yelp ( One of them is Taylor’s Steakhouse on 8th. You can make a reservation on Yelp for up to 4 people.

Italian restaurant Ca’Brea also provides Yelp reservation, up to 20 people. Caffe Concerto has Yelp reservation system, as well.

In addition, HAUS on 6th, Park’s BBQ on Vermont, Document Coffee Bar and Mr. Coffee are all providing a pick-up system on Yelp, which you can request a pick-up service for food or coffee, on the time you want to pick them up.

Kakao Talk

Using Kakao Talk, the #1 mobile messenger application that most Koreans use, more restaurants are accepting reservations through the application.

In Galbi Brothers’s case, you can simply add the restaurant’s phone number (213-739-8800) to your Smartphone contact, then if it pops up in your Kakao Talk contact, you can send them a message about your desired date, time, number of people for reservation. Galbi Brothers even sends their menu to the customers, so they can skim through the menu beforehand and save more time at the restaurant.

A lot of Korean taxis and hair salons are taking Kakao Talk’s advantage, as well.

A 30-year-old Korean working in Koreatown said, “Only 5 years ago, I always made reservations through phone call. Now, I make reservations on PC or my Smartphone. The thing about phone reservation is that there are many times that restaurants don’t receive phone calls. And now, several clicks are all you need and it is so convenient”.


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Translated by Audrey Joung