SHINee Back with Ballad Songs and New Music Video

In courtesy of SM Entertainment
In courtesy of SM Entertainment

SHINee fans across the world are spending the busiest end-of-year days. Only about a month after the release of “1 of 1”, SHINee is already back with five new songs and a music video!

New album, “1 and 1” is a repackage album of the previous album “1 of 1” with five new tracks added.

The 5th repackage album highly emphasizes vocals, embracing ballad and R&B genre throughout the album. As the album comprises less of up-beat dance songs, fans are expecting to see hidden aspects of SHINee on upcoming stages as well.

The title track, “Tell Me What To Do” is a medium tempo electronic song that incorporates R&B and dance.

Watch the music video for “Tell Me What To Do” below!


By Heewon Kim