Sell Your Gift Cards and Get 70-80% Back in Cash



Gift cards are very popular for end-of-year gifts. If you receive gift cards that are not necessary, you can use online websites not only to exchange with other gift cards, but also sell them and get it back in cash.

CNN Money reported gift card exchange websites are in high demand including ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’.

According to WalletHub, when you sell a $100 value gift card, you can usually receive $70-80 back in cash.

Among many brands, Nike has ranked number one in the list as you can receive up to $93.66 if you sell a $100 value Nike gift card.

After Nike, it was Target ($81.88), Netflix ($81.75), Walmart ($83.94), Amazon ($77.50), Bestbuy ($83.12), Costco ($82.67), Dunkin Donuts ($70.49), T.J. Maxx ($68.47), iTunes ($60), Starbucks ($73.85), and H&M was ranked the lowest ($55.47).

However, if there is a name or initials written on the gift card, you may not be able to sell it.

CNN suggests you check different websites as each of them has different policies.


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Translated by Audrey Joung