Salle Yoo Becomes Uber’s CLO


A Korean-American female has been promoted by Uber as its chief legal officer (CLO).

Legal publication Inside Counsel reported Tuesday that Uber chose to promote Yoo, who until now has been a part of the company’s legal team.

Uber’s CLO plays the role of a mediator overseeing the legal issues of the company. Uber announced that it will continue to add functions of the company to manage the issues its legal team faces on a regular basis.

Yoo began working for Uber in July 2012 after a 13-year experience at an insurance-centric legal office.

Uber’s legal team has overseen an explosive growth hiring Yoo as it now boasts over 100 employees. Yoo was selected as the female industry leader in the technical legal field by a news outlet in 2016. She added that “more corporations should hire females and racial minorities” at the time.

“The staff at Uber is becoming more diversified over time,” said Uber chief HR officer Liane Hornsey. “We expect Yoo to provide assistant with solving issues regarding the wage gap and cultural collisions within our company.”

By Jiyoon Kim