Pickpocketing Running Rampant


Pickpocketing, a form of theft involving stealing of money or other valuables of an individual, is occurring at a more frequent basis in recent weeks.

The LAPD Olympic station has issued a warning, saying that women in their 50s through 80s are often subject to the crime, especially during nighttime.

Korean American Federation of L.A. Chairwoman Laura Jeon, L.A. Police Captain David Kowalsky, L.A. City Councilmen Herb Wesson and David Ryu held a press conference on March 7 to notify the community about the increasing frequency of pickpocketing.

The LAD explained that the rate of pickpocketing has increased by 28 percent recently as victims include Hispanics, Koreans and African-Americans. Many of the victims were women in their 50s through 80s.

The LAPD added that pickpocket thieves often target busy streets such as Western, Olympic and Wilshire. On the other hand, other theft cases such as car thefts have decreased in numbers compared to the previous year.

By Hyoung Jae Kim