Perfect Your Autumn Listening to Korea’s R&B and Soul Legend


poster_masterdeck_09122016There is “nothing better” than listening to Korea’s R&B and soul legend, Jung Yup, during the fall season.

Jung Yup debuted with a four-member band, Brown Eyed Soul, in 2003 and the group has been going strong with their songs, which mainly fall under R&B, soul and ballad. That exact year they debuted, their song, ‘Did We Truly Fall in Love’ hit the charts and was deemed one of the most popular songs of the year. In 2007, they made their statement as a band with one of Korea’s best R&B and soul albums; The Wind, The Sea, The Rain has 20 tracks that showed the listeners their capability.

Jung Yup has not only proven his importance in the band but also made himself known as a vocalist through his numerous solo songs. Whether you know it or not, if you watch K-dramas, you might recognize some of these OSTs that Jung Yup has sung: ‘That Love’ (Doctors), ‘Shadow’ (Spy), ‘Why Did You Come Now?’ (I Hear Your Voice), ‘Thorn Flower’ (Bad Guy), etc.

However, ‘Nothing Better’, which is another OST for the 2009 K-drama, Seoul Warrior, is the song that many immediately think of when it comes to Jung Yup. If you have not heard of it, take the time now to listen. Various celebrities such as Jonghyun (SHINee), Changsub (BTOB) and D.O. (EXO) have covered the classic song as well.

If interested, visit or to purchase tickets for Jung Yup’s first live concert in the states on Sunday, October 23rd at 7p.m. The prices are $123.50, $83.50 and $43.50.The concert is appropriate for all ages and guarantees a wonderful night. Do not miss out on the chance to hear Korea’s one and only Jung Yup singing his heart out!


By Eunice Kim